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Vitrobio Pharma is a French pharmaceutical laboratory located in Issoire (Auvergne region, France) and specialized in R&D of polymeric treatments. For the last 20 years, the laboratory has been developing and manufacturing a range of products for the treatment of chronic diseases (Allergies, ENT conditions, dermatology) involving multiple proteins.
Vitrobio’s patented technology is based on using natural polymers such as tannins or synthetic, with a strong affinity for disease-specific proteins, as a new type of drug to block multiple proteins simultaneously, offering an effective multitarget treatment.
Our latest research focuses on the development of a new concept for slow release-long acting filmogen essential oils called AyurEssentiel. This patented innovation incorporates EOs in a multilayered polymeric film to allow progressive release of the active compounds of the oils, prolonging their action and increasing their effectiveness. Each formulation contains filmogen glycerol and essential oils selected according to the disorder to be treated.
Today, we work with several big pharmaceutical companies and distributors around the world who market our products in different countries. We continue seeking strong and long-term partnerships that match our goals and meet our business partners’ needs by offering them new innovative products.

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New Generation of Polymeric Medical Devices
Rewarded by the Academy of Sciences with « Prince Louis de Polignac » prize and the European « PAEXA » prize as the best in vitro research center.




Covispray® is an osmotic liquid bandage to clean the nasal mucosa for preventive treatment of
migraine. A Class I Medical Device in EU. Made in France. (Class IIa in 2021-2022,
all dossiers available).

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