Vitrobio specialist in white-label medical devices


Founded in 1994, VITROBIO is a family-owned enterprise based in Issoire, Auvergne, France. This proud family business carries a strong commitment to advancing healthcare by providing innovative medical devices.

VITROBIO’s mission is to pioneer and develop effective medical devices to address a wide range of conditions that currently lack sufficient treatment options. Vitrobio targets a myriad of specific pathologies for both adults and children, utilizing its innovative polymer-based technology. These include conditions like rhinosinusitis, migraines, bedsores, infections, atopic dermatitis, and more.

Research and development

VITROBIO Research and development

Our work begins with fundamental research carried out in our laboratory or in partnership with INSERM. We then conduct clinical studies and develop our innovations.

> R&D

Production and logistics 

Vitrobio Medical device production
Our production lines allow us to manufacture all our medical devices. Our internal production capacity is about 20K units per day and can largely be extended with our subcontractors.

> ISO 13485

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs

Quality Assurance and Regulatory Affairs department
As legal manufacturer, we prepare all the regulatory files necessary for the commercialisation of the products. The GMED is our notified body.

> MDR 2017-745

Commercial and after sales support

Commercial support  and after sales service department<br />

We support our clients in medical device registration, packaging development and marketing strategy.

> Ready-to-market solution
> B2B
> White label

Our medical devices are distributed worldwide


As a reputable manufacturer of medical devices, VITROBIO collaborates with major pharmaceutical companies like UPSA, Sanofi, and Urgo to produce its products under a white label. These quality medical devices reach patients in over 20 countries worldwide, reflecting VITROBIO’s global presence and impact.

The company has set its sights on becoming a global leader in the manufacture and innovation of medical devices. VITROBIO is fully equipped to navigate the challenges posed by the new MDR 2017-745 regulation, which sets more stringent requirements for the marketing of medical devices.

Driven by core values emphasizing patient-focused research and natural technology applications, VITROBIO proudly manages the entire value chain of its products. This spans from fundamental research to the manufacturing of the finished product, regulatory documentation, and product registrations.

Over the years, VITROBIO has been recognized for its innovative work and groundbreaking contributions to the field of medical devices. The company has received several prestigious awards, including the Prince Louis de Polignac Prize from the French Academy of Sciences, the European PAEXA Award, the Auvergne Rhône-Alpes Booster Award, and the French National Assembly Award.

In 2023, VITROBIO receives the support of the Auvergne-Rhône-Alpes region in its EU 2017/745 medical CE marking process.