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Throat infections begin as a viral infection, followed by secondary bacterial invasion due to weakening of local defenses. When viruses come into contact with the throat mucosa, a few virus particles enter the cells with the help of topically available proteolytic enzymes. There they multiply, and then large amounts of virions are liberated on the throat surface. Those newly shed virions infect new cells and cause damage to the throat. The environment becomes favorable to bacterial growth, leading to inflammation,  throat irritation and pain.


Ideal Treatment Approach:

The Ideal Treatment must be MULTI-TARGET to eliminate the free virus particles present on the surface of the throat, remove detach & remove microbial contaminants, and suppress rapidly pain, inflammation, irritation & need for antibiotics.


Currently Available Treatments:

Topical anti-virals: None. Only symptomatic treatments to reduce pain, stop bacterial growth, but none of these treatments act on the cause (virus + bacteria) nor do they relieve all symptoms at once.


Class I Medical Device for the treatment of Throat Infections


In 1994, Vitrobio discovered & patented a hypertonic viscous polyol based liquid solution: VB-Gy, 18 times more osmotically active than sea water yet NON-IRRITANT, capable of generating an instant flow of hypotonic liquid when applied on a live biological, semi-permeable, membrane (International patent 1997: PCT/FR99/01340). Applying this solution on the throat surface, creates a strong outward flow of hypotonic liquid, detaching & draining all the free-floating virus particles as well as other contaminants present on the throat surface.

Cleaning any live biological tissue of all contaminants with a mechanical approach prepares a favorable environment for cell growth, repair of damaged mucosa, & suppression of clinical signs. Being mechanical, the effects are nearly instant.

The osmotically active, stable, flexible, and throat cleaning topical filmogen solution is patented by Vitrobio (N° PCT/EP2013/061835).

Mode of action:

When sprayed on the throat surface, the product forms an osmotically active film over the throat mucosa, which will mechanically attract hypotonic fluid from the deeper parts of the throat. This strong outward flow of liquid detaches and drains all the contaminants present on the throat surface, including bacteria, free virus particles, dust particles, dead cells and cell debris. The product acts as a mechanical antiseptic and cleaning solution.

The film also protects the throat surface from irritation and external aggressions, which reduces pain.

When applied during the initial exposure phase, the product helps to halt the development of the infection.

Product Presentation: 30 mL spray

Posology: 4-5 sprays per application, 3-4 times a day or more if necessary, until complete recovery.

Regulatory Status: Due to the mechanical topical filmogen activity without any pharmacological, biological, metabolic or immunological interaction with the cellular structure:  Class I Medical Device in Europe.

Contraindications: Not to be used in pediatric population under 8 years of age.

Side Effects: This product has no known side effects and is not dangerous if swallowed.

Clinical Efficacy:

Full study published in Clinical Investigation Journal, 2017 : A randomized, double-blind, controlled study to evaluate clinical efficacy and safety of novel filmogen osmotic treatment for Pharyngis

Full trial published in J. Clinical Trial, 2011: A Pilot Clinical Trial to Evaluate the Efficacy of a Topical Antiviral Osmotically Active Hypertonic Solution for the Treatment of Influenza Virus Induced Sore Throat