Treatment of pharyngitis: White-label medical device


Tur-Pharyngitis is a throat spray developed by Vitrobio, designed to alleviate the symptoms and treat the root causes of pharyngitis. Leveraging our innovative, patented technology, this spray works on a mechanical basis to cleanse, protect, and hydrate the throat, providing rapid relief and minimizing the need for antibiotics.

TUR-Pharyngitis Class IIa medical device


Our innovative Tur-Pharyngitis throat spray has been developed as a breakthrough solution to combat pharyngitis, a common and often painful throat infection. This medical device works by providing a dual action – it not only soothes the irritated throat but also treats the underlying cause of the condition.


Effective and Multi-Targeted Action

Tur-Pharyngitis employs Vitrobio’s proprietary filmogenic technology to create a protective film that reduces contaminants on the throat surface. The polymers in our formula target key proteins involved in pharyngitis, specifically pro-inflammatory cytokines and interleukins. By targeting these proteins, Tur-Pharyngitis provides a comprehensive approach to treatment that surpasses conventional, single-target methods.


Mode of Action for Throat Treatment Products


Vitrobio’s throat treatment products work through a unique three-step process to provide relief from throat discomfort and promote healing.

  1. Protective Barrier: The first step involves the creation of a protective barrier on the throat’s mucous membrane. This is achieved through the use of filmogenic glycerol, which not only acts as a shield against external contaminants but also provides hydration and soothes the irritated throat. This protective barrier is crucial in preventing further irritation and providing immediate relief.

  2. Mechanical Cleaning: The second step is mechanical cleaning, which is facilitated by the product’s high osmotic activity. This osmotic action instantly attracts and traps most of the adhered contaminants, including inflammatory proteins, bacteria, and viruses. By removing these harmful substances, the product effectively suppresses inflammation and halts the immune cascade, leading to a reduction in throat discomfort.

  3. Cellular Repair: The final step is cellular repair. Once the throat’s biological surface is clean and hydrated, cell growth and healing are immediately triggered. This promotes the repair and regeneration of the throat’s mucous membrane, leading to long-term relief and recovery.



Swift Relief with Lasting Results

Through our osmotic technology, Tur-Pharyngitis is able to quickly remove viruses, bacteria, and impurities, offering a substantial reduction in throat pain within 5 minutes of application. A significant decrease in symptoms such as irritation, redness, and difficulty in swallowing is observed in as early as 2 hours.

Understanding Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis, commonly known as a sore throat, is an inflammation of the pharynx, the portion of the throat that lies just behind the mouth and nasal cavity. It’s often caused by viral or bacterial infections, and its primary symptom is throat pain and discomfort.


The Prevalence and Impact of Pharyngitis

Pharyngitis is a widespread condition, affecting individuals of all ages worldwide. It is particularly prevalent during colder months, when respiratory infections are more common. Pharyngitis can significantly impact a person’s daily life, causing discomfort, difficulty in swallowing, and loss of sleep.


Existing Treatments and Their Limitations

Conventional treatments for pharyngitis typically include over-the-counter pain relievers, throat lozenges, and, in the case of bacterial pharyngitis, antibiotics. While these treatments may alleviate symptoms, they often do not address the multifaceted nature of the disease.


The Need for a Comprehensive Treatment

Pharyngitis involves not only the presence of pathogens but also an inflammatory response and, in some cases, a secondary bacterial infection. Thus, an effective treatment needs to address all of these factors simultaneously. Tur-Pharyngitis, with its multi-target approach, provides an innovative solution that caters to the comprehensive needs of pharyngitis patients.


Mechanical mode of action
Instant osmotic action
Hydrates, protects and cleanses
Dual action : Soothes & treats
Reduces contaminants on the throat surface

Reduces symptoms such as pain, irritation, rednsess, difficulty in swallowing (5 min)
Reduces inflammation and bacterial proliferation
Reduces the need for antibiotics
Effects felt after 5 min
No drowsiness
No habituation effect – Non addictive

Sweet honey taste
Made in France
Patented worldwilde technology
Ingredients of natural origin [Except for France (vegetal)]
New polymeric technology
French Academy of Sciences Award
Efficacy clinically proven
Fast action
Preservative free

Randomized, double-blind clinical trial


General informations

Title :A randomized, double-blind, controlled study to evaluate clinical efficacy and safety of novel filmogen osmotic treatment for pharyngitis

Journal : Clincal Investigation | Clin. Invest. (Euro.) (2017)
Patients: N=106 | Test product = 36 ; Comparator = 18
Duration : 14 days
Inclusion : Acute throat pharyngitis induce by influenza virus


Link to the publication

​Main results

9,43 % reduction in thoat pain within 5 min.
18,87 % reduction in thoat pain within 2 hours.
44 % reduction in thoat pain within 2 days.
60 % reduction in thoat pain within 3 days.

10,5 % improvement in swallowing within 2 hours
72,7 % improvement in swallowing within 7 days

30 % reduction in throat irritation/itching within 2 days.
78 % reduction in throat irritation/itching within 7 days.

7,66 % reduction in irritation severity within 5 min.
10,75 % reduction in irritation severity within 2 hours.

IndicationFilmogen liquid bandage for the treatment of viral or bacterial throat infection (pharyngitis).
CompositionFilmogenic glycerol, water, association of Hedera helix, Ribes nigrum and EO : Mentha, Thyma, Romarin.
PresentationThroat spray 30ml
ClassMDD Class I | MDR Class IIa
DirectionApply 2 sprays in throat, 2-3 times a day.
PrecautionsFor topical use only (oral cavity). Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Age 18+
Storage conditionsBelow 25°C
Legal manufacturer VITROBIO (France)
Product codeTUR