Genital Herpes Spray: Fast-Acting Treatment for Genital Herpes and Vaginal Dryness


Genital Herpes is a filmogenic liquid bandage designed to treat genital herpes and alleviate vaginal dryness. Its unique formula targets pro-inflammatory proteins, contaminants, and impurities, providing a protective barrier, osmotic cleaning, and promoting cellular repair and growth. Clinical trials show significant reduction in virus-loaded cells within just 2 hours, with all lesions completely healed by day 14. Experience relief from symptoms between days 10 and 14. Choose Genital Herpes Spray for fast, effective treatment.

Introducing GENITAL HERPES: A Revolutionary Solution for Genital Herpes and Vaginal Dryness



GENITAL HERPES: An Innovative Approach to Treatment

The HG-VB product, named GENITAL HERPES, is an innovative solution for the treatment of genital herpes and vaginal dryness. Presented as a filmogen liquid bandage, it is packaged in a 3×10 ml tube for convenient use.




This product works by targeting pro-inflammatory proteins, contaminants, and impurities. It offers three main actions:


Protective Barrier Effect

A protective barrier effect that isolates the affected area to prevent any worsening or secondary infection.


Osmotic and Cleaning Effect

An osmotic and cleaning effect that helps to remove virus-infected cells.


Cellular Repair and Growth Effect

A cellular repair and growth effect that promotes healing and regeneration of affected tissues.



Clinical Evidence of GENITAL HERPES Effectiveness

The effectiveness of this product has been demonstrated by a randomized, double-blind, placebo-controlled clinical trial conducted over a period of 2 weeks. The study involved 60 patients, all treated with the product.


Key Results of the Study

  • All lesions were completely healed by day 14.
  • A 17.98% reduction in virus-loaded cells was observed per field within 2 hours.
  • An 80.18% reduction in virus-loaded cells was observed per field within 4 days.
  • A 91.80% reduction in virus-loaded cells was observed per field within 7 hours.
  • Only mild symptoms were observed on day 7.
  • Patients experienced relief from symptoms of genital herpes between days 10 and 14.

These results demonstrate the effectiveness of the GENITAL HERPES product in treating genital herpes and vaginal dryness, providing a new solution for patients suffering from these conditions.

Understanding Genital Herpes: A Common Sexually Transmitted Infection



What is Genital Herpes?

Genital herpes is a common sexually transmitted infection (STI) caused by the herpes simplex virus (HSV). It is characterized by recurrent episodes of genital ulcers. The virus exists in two types: HSV-1, which is typically associated with oral herpes (cold sores), and HSV-2, which is most often the cause of genital herpes. However, both types can cause genital infections.


The Lifelong Nature of HSV

Once infected with HSV, an individual carries the virus for life. The virus resides in a dormant state in nerve cells, with recurrent infections occurring when the virus is reactivated. These recurrent episodes can be triggered by factors such as stress, illness, surgery, fatigue, or exposure to sunlight.


Transmission of Genital Herpes

Genital herpes is transmitted through sexual contact, and the risk of transmission is highest when an individual has active lesions. However, the virus can also be shed from the skin in the absence of symptoms or visible sores, contributing to the high prevalence of this infection.


Health Implications of Genital Herpes

In addition to causing discomfort and emotional distress, genital herpes can have serious health implications. It can increase the risk of acquiring other STIs, including HIV, and can cause severe disease in newborns if the mother transmits the virus during childbirth.


Current Treatments and Living with Genital Herpes

Despite the prevalence and impact of genital herpes, there is currently no cure. Treatment focuses on managing symptoms, reducing the frequency of outbreaks, and minimizing the risk of transmission.

It’s important to note that while genital herpes is a chronic condition, people with the virus can lead healthy, active lives. With appropriate treatment and care, the impact of the virus on quality of life can be significantly reduced.



Reduces the progression of vaginal herpes
Viral load reduction as early as 2 hours
Hydrates and protects the affected area




General informations

Title : Associating a hypertonic solution with specific plant procyanidins for the treatment of genital herpes
Journal : Clinical Trials  | 2013

TYPE OF TRIAL: Randomized clinical trial | 2 weeks
PATIENTS: N=60 | Test product = 60 ; Comparator = 0
INCLUSION: women diagnosed for recent (4-5 days) onset of genital herpes infection.


Link to the publication




47,13 % reduction in virus-infected cells within 4 days.
• All lesions were completely healed on day 14.
• 17,98 % reduction in virus loaded cells per field within 2 hours.
• 80,18 % reduction in virus loaded cells per field within 4 days.
• 91,80 % reduction in virus loaded cells per field within 7 hours.
• only mild symptoms, on day 7
• relieved from symptoms of genital herpes between days 10 and 14.





IndicationFilmogen liquid bandage for the treatment of genital herpes and vaginal dryness.
CompositionFilmogenic glycerol, water, association of Vaccinium macrocarpon and Sambucus nigra. Conservative : Acid citric.
PresentationTube 3x10ml
ClassMDD Class I | MDR Class IIa
DirectionApply in wounds, 2-3 times a day.
PrecautionsThis product is for topical use (genital surface or cavity) only. Keep out of reach and sight of children.
Age 18+
Storage conditionsBelow 25°C
Legal manufacturer VITROBIO (France)
Product codeHG